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Tax refund

UME offers an advanced tax refund service in cash in downtown Paris, close to the main shopping districts in the French capital.


All individuals aged 16 or more and residing outside the European Union are eligible to a refund of part of the VAT collected when purchasing goods in France and other European Union member states.

Thanks to partnerships with the two major tax-free operators, UME is able to offer VAT refund from over 90% of eligible shops in Paris, downtown, in cash, before even getting to an airport or border.


To claim your tax refund in cash, you only need to visit our office on the Champs-Elysées with:

Your shopping receipts or invoices 

 Your tax free forms provided by the shop 

 Your original passport 

 Your credit card for guarantee, valid for 6 months.

All documents must belong to the same person (first and last names). You then have 3 weeks to validate your forms through a European Union custom to confirm that you have left the EU territory.

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