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Currency exchange in Paris

Since 2010, UME has been offering very competitive exchange rates, with no additional transaction fee, for both buying and selling currencies to individuals, companies and institutions.


UME exchanges over 140 currencies, even very exotic ones. Depending on the amount, the following currencies are available on a daily basis at UME

USD – US Dollar GPB – British Pound CAD – Canadian Dollar
BRL – Brazilian Real HUF – Hungarian Forint MXN – Mexican Peso
CNY – Chinese Yuan IDR – Indonesian Rupiah NOK – Norwegian Krone
CZK – Czech koruna ILS – Israeli New Shekel SEK – Swedish Krona
DKK – Danish Krone JPY – Japanese Yen

THB – Thai Baht

To buy any other currency, please contact us to know its availability and exchange rate. To sell highly exotic currency, please contact us to know our exchange capacity and exchange rate.



You can buy foreign currencies (other than Euros) in cash or with a credit or debit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay). However, we won’t be able to give you any special rate when paying by card. You can buy Euros in cash with notes from another currency.


If you wish to reserve currencies other than Euros in order to secure their availability at a certain date, UME can book them for you in advance without charge.

 For less than 500 euros, and if the currency is available, a simple call is enough to book your currencies for a maximum of 24 hours.

 For over 500 euros or if the currency is not available, you can come to one of our agencies to book your currency by putting down a 10% deposit. This will ensure both exchange rate and denomination.


Companies, work councils, public institutions, shops, hotels, tours operators, embassies, welcome to UME! We can assist you with any foreign currency requirement you may have:

 Travel allowances

 Supply costs

 Currency exchange service to your own customers

 Foreign currency payments

 Individual and tour operated travel

Contact us for any information

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Subject to prudential monitoring, currency exchange is regulated under both French and European law. In France, it is subject to laws on currency exchange and anti-money laundering laws, under the surveillance of the French customs authorities and of the prudential authorities of the Bank of France (the “ACPR”).